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Reliable Legal Advice for Separation Agreements in Kingston

A legal separation is often the first step a couple will take when they’re planning a marriage dissolution or divorce.  At Petty Law Office, we understand that negotiating the terms and signing a separation agreement in Kingston are critical steps in a divorce process. This agreement is a binding contract between you and your ex-partner and must be properly prepared in accordance with the law. It is also very important to remember that separation agreements do not end a marriage; only a divorce order can do that in Canada.

Separation and Divorce

As an experienced family lawyer, Mark Petty can facilitate all cases and provide the necessary legal services.  Separation agreements are made up of several sections, including clauses or terms relating to:

  • Parenting time

  • Division of parental decisions making

  • Child support obligations

  • Spousal support obligations

  • Net family property calculations which include division of assets, division of debts, valuations of pensions and the matrimonial home

  • Dispute resolution options

  • Independent legal advice

  • Full financial disclosure from both parties

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