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Find a Lawyer in Kingston to Handle Your Adoption and Guardianship Cases

Going through an adoption process as a birthparent or as the adoptive parent can be difficult. There are resources in the community for counselling and assistance. At Petty Law Office, our lawyer can attend to the legal aspects of an adoption case in Kingston, including step-parent adoptions, to ensure that the court part of this process is handled smoothly and professionally. Mark Petty has worked co-operatively in the past with services such as Adoption Resources and Counselling Services (ARCS).


Mr. Petty has also assisted foster parents and kin placements in the negotiation of openness agreements in child protection matters.

Guardian Application Assistance

When a person is considered “incapable”, which is a legal concept, of making decisions for himself or herself, another person(s) who cares about the incapable person can apply to the court to be appointed as a guardian. The Court needs to be assured that the applicant will make decisions in a responsible and trustworthy manner with the best interests of the incapable person as the guiding principle.


An incapable person is generally an adult person who could be a relative or friend with dementia, intellectual disabilities, or other special needs. A guardian under the Substitute Decisions Act, 1992 has numerous responsibilities and duties.


Mark Petty can assist you in applying to be a guardian or two individuals to be joint guardians. Give us a call today to learn more about child adoption and guardianships.


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