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Divorce Lawyer in Kingston

Choosing to dissolve your marriage can be overwhelming and stressful. There are various decisions you have to take including parenting time,  support and more. During your divorce, you may need an expert to protect the legal interests of you and your family. As a divorce lawyer in Kingston, Mark Petty can help you navigate through the complex process of divorce.


The phrase “I am getting a divorce” is used to refer to a collection of legal and social issues surrounding people separating. In law these issues are referred to as “corollary relief” but getting a divorce, strictly speaking, is simply the legal end of your marriage to your spouse. Ending a marriage can only be done by applying to the court for a divorce order. If you and your spouse have settled the issues of corollary relief through a separation agreement or by court order, ending your marriage to your spouse can be relatively quick, cost-effective, and easy.

A Little More

We live in an increasingly mobile world. Whether through immigration or travel, many Canadians have been married in countries other than Canada.


Mr. Petty has had experience obtaining divorces in the Ontario court system where the marriage has taken place in a country other than Canada.


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We offer sound legal advice in the areas of divorce, separation, adoption, custody, and more.

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