Legal Representation in Kingston for Will & Estate Cases

Making a Will covers so many aspects of your life and places you front and centre in making the crucial decisions about your assets, your real property, your personal effects and possibly a business you built - decisions you make before your death, leaving your loved ones with clear instructions as to what you want to see happen. In a Will you will name a person and usually an alternate person is recommended whose responsibility it is to carry out your wishes as outlined in your Will.

Having a Will simplifies the administrative part of your estate at a time when your loved ones are grieving and under stress.

Powers of Attorney for Personal Care and for Property are also recommended and often go hand-in-hand with Wills. If you get sick or are injured, the person you name as Attorney for Personal Care can make decisions such as what medical care you will receive, where you will live and other personal and health-related decisions.

Your Attorney for Property, again if you are incapable, can manage your finances and make financial decisions, including paying your bills.

Mark Petty can assist you in putting your affairs in order and since 2005, he has assisted numerous clients in the drafting of Wills and Powers of Attorney.

When a family member passes away or becomes unable to administer their finances themselves, you may need some guidance. Mr. Petty can assist with:

  • Executor or trustee compensation 
  • The interpretation of wills and trusts
  • Guardianship applications for property and the person
  • Obtaining court approval for the appointment of estate trustees with or without a will
  • The replacement, retirement or removal of executors and trustees appointed under a will or trust deed
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